Sunday, March 26, 2017
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HEY NOW!!! Welcome to Brooklyn!!!  You have just reached the one and only place where you can find Brooklyn's Own, Holla Back... For over 8 years we've been bringing you a great show and great memories!!! Click on the links to everything "Holla Back".. Sponsored by Coldcock Whiskey...
What should you expect?   You'll hear everything from Dance, Rock, Old School Hip Hop, New Music, 90's, classic 80's hits and maybe some stuff just to make you laugh. We play non-stop, without those long breaks inbetween songs that lose your mood, and keep you having fun from the 1st song to the last one of the night. We never stop moving while we perform. If you wanted to watch people stand in one place not having any fun you could just go to the bus stop. We never stop. Full energy.
Holla Back does all types of Private Events!!!  
  Weddings? Yup.... Birthday Parties? Sure.... Benefits? Uh huh.... Bar Mitzvahs? Of course! Christmas Parties? Totally!!! Any party you're thinking of, we can do it... We even throw in a DJ to mix for an additional cost!!! Let us handle your music, so you can enjoy the great event!

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 brooklyn's own, holla back

Why us? Because we aren't your typical band...And we know you've heard that before...So, what we offer is something other bands don't, "a show"...You'll get nothing heavy or posture rock from us...Nothing but fun from start to finish...We've played Nassau Coliseum, Colleges across the Northeast and large venues...True proffesionals from start to finish...We are the "Goodfellas" of this business and we take pride in every show whether it be ten thousand people or ten....

All members hail from Brooklyn, NY and we represent our hometown with pride and our ethic to always give 110% every night..You'll hear just about anything from us at any point...

For over 8 Years, we have gathered an enormous following based on our energetic stage show as well as our great reputation among our peers and partners. Whatever the occasion you have, Holla Back is sure to live up to whatever expectation you may have and more...We are fully Insured to play any venue!!!

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